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Although this costs money, it is the way Phone Number List to ensure that all backlinks and traffic come in on your own domain. This in turn is beneficial in terms of SEO value, and also makes it easier to convert visitors. The disadvantage is Phone Number List that you miss all the traffic on YouTube itself and it is difficult to get high and striking rankings in Google. Best of both: should have If you are going to host your videos yourself or use Wistia, you can of course still upload videos in YouTube to reach those visitors. You can use YouTube as a Phone Number List channel that you set up to send extra traffic to your own website.

Crucial here are, in addition to high Phone Number List rankings, clicks through to your site. Make it as easy as possible to click through to your own domain from the YouTube video. So there must be a link at least once in the description, but you Phone Number List can also add annotations in the video itself and make an end card. In addition, people need to be convinced to Phone Number List click through. Think of visual, emotional, social and informational triggers.

Also read: YouTube, you’ve got Phone Number List a problem Choice of keywords Just like with ‘normal’ SEO, the choice of your focus keyword is very important. But unlike a keyword analysis for Google, you also have to take YouTube into account Phone Number List with video SEO. Keywords in YouTube To rank high in YouTube with a video, it is important to focus on the right keywords. Unfortunately, Google no longer lists search volumes specifically in YouTube. This YouTube keyword tool has been replaced by the Display Planner, which can be found Phone Number List in your AdWords account under ‘Tools’.